#BeBrave: Campaigners in mass lobby of Holyrood

From The National on 2 September 2015 |

CAMPAIGNERS will protest outside parliament today, urging MSPs to “be brave” ahead of the stage one debate on the new Land Reform Bill. The protest, organised by the Our Land Campaign, will point out that half of Scotland’s private land is owned by 432 individuals or interests.

This means, according to historian Professor Jim Hunter, Scotland has the “most concentrated, most inequitable, most unreformed and most undemocratic land ownership system in the entire developed world”.

The Our Land Campaign – created by Common Weal, Women for Independence, the Scottish Land Action Movement and campaigners Andy Wightman and Lesley Riddoch – says more action needs to be taken for the Land Reform Bill to be strong and effective.


katie#BeBrave: Campaigners in mass lobby of Holyrood

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